Rustam Khanmurzin performs Études by Alison Kay for RCM Research Online

Études part II

Kay, A. (2020) Études part II. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Six pieces for piano solo, total duration 18 minutes, titled as follows:

VII Soliloquy;
VIII Ghost canon;
IX Toccata;
X Orision II;
XI Lullaby for Isabelle;
XII Lines and fields.

The audio and video recordings of these pieces available below are by Rachel Fryer (Études VII – IX) and Rustam Khanmurzin (Études X – XII).

Composer’s note: “In Orison II the music is stripped to a bare minimum to alter the experience of performer and perception of the audience. There is an exploration of resonance, interval and space. Lullaby for Isabelle plays with ideas of perceived simultaneous temporalities to emulate stages between consciousness and sleep. Lines and Fields uses partial serialism, rotation and symmetry, projecting line to chords and harmonic fields whilst drawing ambiguous fragments of melody through the vertical texture.”

Recordings and full article are available by the following link: Études part II – RCM Research Online